Run by ex-Masai warrior and safari expert Mr Rhino. He organises unforgettable safari experiences throughout Tanzania.
Born in a traditional Masai boma, Mr Rhino was set for a life in the Masai camp. This is tradition, tradition which has held for 1000’s of years. It’s a simple life, a great life for many, but it was not the life Mr Rhino was destined for. Full of ambition, energy and a quest for more, Mr Rhino aspired to take his passion for animals to the next level.
So rather than protecting his Masai family from wild predators and nurturing cattle, instead he took the plunge to leave the family, extraditing himself completely which was not an easy decision. But this decision has fuelled the fire, there is no going back.
Now the decision has been made, Mr Rhino is completely committed to providing an exception service and experience to visitors, those who are safariing for the first time, or the seasoned safari goer.

Tribal Travel Safari

  • Dedicating himself to this cause, and this passion. Mr Rhino and his team have spent time studying the animals, their behaviours, their habits. Researched and experienced the best Tanzania has to offer, the greatest lodges, the best routes, parks, places to find these natural wonders. And he has had his head in a book, studying English, to provide a tour experience that is unrivalled.
  • The perfect blend of authentic local expertise, spending time with local people, getting to know the real Tanzania, combined with incredible safari experience, overnight stays in the greatest lodges and day trips to the greatest safari spots.
    Mr Rhino welcomes you, and hopes to see you soon.